Our Masculine selection of eyewear ranges from subtle inconspicuous eyewear to glasses with bold distinctive features to trend setting eyewear that will get you noticed and have people asking you where you got your glasses from.  We are especially excited about our exclusive men’s line “Stark” eyewear line that features characteristics of natural elements in the eyewear like their patented shoulder socket arm hinges.  Come in and try on a pair and we believe you too will be as excited as us.  Not your style? Rest assured that we have plenty more in our trend setting lines like Tom Ford, Oliver Goldsmith, SPY, True Religion, Prada, Dolce and Gabanna, OVVO, OGA and many more.



Sexy, Strong, Confident, fashionable… sound like you? Then you love what our trend setting lines like Tom Ford, Koali, True Religion, L.A eye works, Dolce and Gabanna, OVVO and many more. Had troubles finding eyewear to fit your smaller unique face structure? We have a unique “Petite Collection” from New York, Mennizi, designed specifically for your beautiful petite feminine lines.


Has Eyewear always been a challenge to fit your face? Well then Quarry Park OpTik BouTik accepts the challenge.  With our new exclusive line of eyewear from New York, we are confident you too will be moved by our Menizzi eyewear collection. This line is definitely a trendsetter with frames made only from the highest-grade materials, like Japanese Titanium, designed for both men and women.  In addition to this line we also carry MEXX eyewear and Ray Ban petite’s to give you options to find that perfect petite pair. Produced in France, Italy and Japan our high quality eyewear will stand the test of time and not only feel but also look great.



With eye exams starting at the age of 6 months, we carry eyewear to fit even the smallest of the small.  And because we are considered a high fashion eyewear boutique our selection doesn’t stop at adults, we have high fashion eyewear for children too so they can be just as stylish at you.  We also assist those children with special needs and carry a special collection of eyewear specifically designed for those with Down syndrome and smaller nose bridges.

Need something industructable, check out our “Mira Flex” line from Italy. This line is made of a soft rubber Italian acetate and has no hinges to break or pinch fingers. Believe it or not you can drive over these glasses and they will still be functional, don’t believe us? Come in and take a look for yourself!

Want something trendy for your son or daughter? Not into the whole cartoon eyewear? Then check out our exclusive “Petite eyewear” selection!  And before you ask, no it does not come in a bigger size, so you may walk out just a little envious of your child’s glasses.